Sock It To Me: The Monkees and ‘Goin’ Down’

This is one of my occasional posts of material left on the cutting room floor of my 2016 book The Monkees, Head and the 60’s. If you like it, check out my book here What’s the connection between Mose Allison, Breaking Bad and The Monkees? We’ll get to the TV show but Allison wasContinue reading “Sock It To Me: The Monkees and ‘Goin’ Down’”

Going, Going, Gone…Pop, Museums and Auctions

‘Going, Going, Gone’ is one of Bob Dylan’s less well known tunes. It’s on Planet Waves, his one and only studio album not to appear under the bright tangerine colours of Columbia/CBS.  It came out on Chris Blackwell’s Island label in the UK and David Geffen’s Asylum in the US, a substantial coup for bothContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone…Pop, Museums and Auctions”

Different Drum: the adventures of a song

In 2016 my book The Monkees, Head and the 60s was published by Jawbone Books. It’s been a great success, which pleases me no end. It’s long enough, but as is my wont, I wrote at least twice as much material as ended up in the final version. So every now and then I willContinue reading “Different Drum: the adventures of a song”

The Monkees: The Mike and Micky Show (Rhino 2020)

In a recent chat on Facebook Michael Nesmith said that he was happy that the new Monkees live album The Mike and Micky Show had come out because it captured ‘something temporary’. This is true of everything, really: it’s all temporary. All things must pass. However with specific reference to The Monkees it is particularlyContinue reading “The Monkees: The Mike and Micky Show (Rhino 2020)”

Covers #3: Hej, Jude

You know that idea of ‘rabbit holes’? Often applied to Youtube watching; you start looking at one clip, next thing you know you’ve been gazing at ‘related videos’ for about three hours.  Well my current rabbit hole is (or are) translations of hit songs from English into other languages. Now, for better or for worse,Continue reading “Covers #3: Hej, Jude”

The Art On Your Sleeve #1

Sorry for that terrible pun-of-a-kind in the title of Blog #4. It just seems appropriate. And we like being ‘appropriate’, don’t we? So there it is. This one is about looking more than listening, I must confess; it’s about the infinite beauty and variety of record sleeve design. In this case all LPs but I’llContinue reading “The Art On Your Sleeve #1”